History of Trolley Bar

Seafood & Steakhouse Fort Wayne


Horse-drawn trolleys came to Fort Wayne in a series of individually organized street railway companies and consolidated in 1895 into a system of electrically operated trolleys. The year 1890 marked the opening of the Trolley Bar Fort Wayne under the name of Palm Gardens, from which we have evolved into the region’s older steakhouse and one of the region’s oldest restaurants. Superior and Calhoun Streets became the hub of entertainment circles with the wide range of audiences that discovered the pleasures of Trolley Steak & Seafood and the quality atmosphere in which they were able to dine.

Trolley Bar Fort Wayne

Best Steak & Seafood Since 1890!

Here was the beginning of the seven-mile Trolley ride to Robinson Park that opened in 1896. Here was the meeting place for those attending the Old League Ball Park north of the Armory. “Meet me at the Trolley Bar Steak House” became more than a phrase; it became the name of the most popular restaurant in town.  Now, we have taken it one step further and become Trolley Steak & Seafood, serving the best seafood in Northeast Indiana as well.

You should stop by Trolley Steaks & Seafood to see why all your regional friends love us, and why we have consistently scored highly in rating and consumer reviews. We offer four-star meals at affordable prices and with our fine steaks, famous shrimp cocktail, and distinctive atmosphere, you’ll see why we are considered Northeast Indiana’s Fine Dining Destination.  There is little better to advocate our position than a dinner at Trolley Steak & Seafood, which is why we ask why you are not here yet.


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